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About Us

Welcome to Bike Sale!

A bike shop with great deals and affordable prices.

Online and s store in Taupo. Soon opening in Napier

The Taupo bike shop is located on the Corner of Tamamutu street & Gascoigne street

Our bike shop is fully equipped and we have great bike mechanics waiting to help you with your bike. 

The Online store is open 24/7, and you can call or email us with any questions, anytime.


Bike sales story

Do you remember the day you learned how to ride a bike? The wheels wobbling beneath you, the wind flowing in your hair, the feeling of freedom rushing through you… That feeling is unforgettable!

At Bikesale , biking is our passion. Most of us learned how to ride a bike when we were young kids to be able to explore and go on new adventures, and here in New Zealand, we are lucky to have one of the world’s best biking tracks. Let’s take advantage of that.

However, biking equipment can often be too expensive. That is why Bike Sale wants people to be able to buy bikes and bike products for affordable prices. We want to enable you to get out there and have a great time, whether it's biking to work, hitting the MTB park, cruising along the paths next to the lake with your family, or training for your next intensive cycling race.

Biking is incredibly close to our hearts, and we have staff here at Bike Sale who have more than 25 years of experience within the biking industry.

We started Bike Sale to share our love of biking and for everyone to be able to enjoy riding with family and friends.

Our vision, is to make families and kids more interested in going out for bike rides, enjoying it and to realizing the positive effects it has on body and mind.  

So let us help you bring back the sensation of wheels wobbling beneath you, the wind flowing in your hair, and the feeling of freedom rushing through you.