Cycliq Fly 6 rear light/camera combo.

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One second you’re on your bike, the next you’re face down in the grass and you have no idea what just happened. Enter the Fly6. With an HD camera built right in to the tail light, you’ll always know what’s happened. As soon as you switch on the light, the camera starts rolling, so no matter where you end up, road or dirt track, the Fly6 is watching your back.

The Fly6 come out of the box ready to mount and ride. The 720p HD camera picking up sharp high detail images right from the word go and with a 2600mAh battery it can continue recording for up to 6 hours. The camera records your ride in 10 minute segments (roughtly 600Mb file size) and once the memory card is full it will loop back to the start and overwrite the oldest footage. With the included 8Gb microSD card that means you will get roughly 2 hours of footage before it loops back, which for most of us, is more than long enough for a ride.

But what if you’re a super endurance weekend warrior, going for 3 or 4 hours at a time and you need to record every moment of it? Simply swap out the included 8Gb microSD card for a larger one. This camera will support up to a 32Gb card.

As well as being an awesome camera unit, the Fly6 is also your taillight, putting out up to 30 Lumens to ensure other road users can see you before they hit you. This light has 3 modes (1x steady, 2 x flashing) and 4 brightness settings, so you can tailor the light to your specific needs on the day. The light will even remember you last used setting when you power it up, so you can pick up right where you left off.