Finish Line HP brake fluid, DOT 5.1 4oz

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New from Finish Line Technologies; two high-performance brake fluids. A high-Performance Mineral Oil for Shimano and Magura systems and a Highest-Quality DOT Fluid for all the others.

Both fluids are formulated specifically for bicycle brake systems and feature no compromise, leading edge chemistry to provide superior fluid life and braking performance .

Finish Line's DOT Fluid exceeds the most stringent 5.1 specs and is completely compatible and mixable with all DOT 3, 4 or 5.1 spec'd systems. Finish Line's Mineral Oil Brake Fluid is far from your basic, common mineral oil - we spent some time in the lab and discovered, there's a big difference between your basic mineral oil and what we developed and are proudly calling 'high performance’.

Both fluids feature a super low viscosity to yield superior lever response, pad retraction, and consistent performance through a full range of operating temperatures. Both fluids are specifically engineered for use in bicycle hydraulic disc brake systems and are compatible with all brake systems currently sold