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Shimano G03A Resin Brake Pad

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The Shimano brake pads G03A are suitable for older XTR brakes, for XT, SLX, Deore, Alfine and for a number of groupless brakes.

As usual for resin coverings, low noise and meterability are excellent, but thanks to the new mixture there is also a significantly increased durability. The carrier plate of the Shimano G03A is made of aluminium.
  • New friction lining made of synthetic resin
  • Even and noiseless braking ( less noisy than metal pads )
  • Easy to estimate braking force (meterability)
  • 40% better wear resistance than previous models
  • Design for dryness and wetness
  • Compound: Organic Resin
  • Plate Material: Aluminium
  • Includes: Return Spring & Safety Pin
    Shimano G03A Resin Brake Pad