Demo - Look 765 E Gravel - Small / 51cm

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Demo Bike (the bosses) ridden 150km ish 

Look E-765 Gravel Bike


Imagine a bicycle capable of taking you effortlessly anywhere you wished to go… It would be the E-765 Gravel. Roads, tracks, paths or fields, nothing is too much thanks to a powerful and robust electric motor. Without sacrificing weight or looks, the bike will show you the world in a different light. It is quite possibly the most versatile bike ever designed. 

It can be ridden with or without the electric assistance, through the streets of the city or the winding roads of the countryside, at the beach or up the mountain, to go to work or simply for a meander, for leisure or for racing… simply blend your muscle power with the bike’s electric watts and enjoy the best of all worlds. The E-765 GRAVEL brings a whole new dimension to bike riding.



The German company, an expert in the development of the electric motor since 2013, has developed the most complete motor currently available on the market. To combine this motor unit with the MADE BY LOOK carbon frame seemed an obvious course of action ever since the early design stages.

A detachable motor and battery only make sense if you can remove them from your bike for a lighter ride whenever you want. Designed as a single unit, the FAZUA electrical assistance used in the E-765 GRAVEL allows for the option of leaving the electrical unit at home.



The E-765 GRAVEL weighs in at 13.6 kg on average. This reading is achieved thanks to the compact 250 W motor unit developped by FAZUA, which drastically reduces the weight of the battery motor assembly, which does not exceed 4.6 kg, combined with the light weight of the carbon. This FAZUA drive system, which is the lightest and most compact in its category, enables cyclists to easily achieve an assisted speed of 32 km/h.



The low total weight produces a ride sensations that is close to that of a muscle- powered bike. The neutrality of the motor interruption at 32 km/h is impressively fluid. There is no noticeable pedal resistances at speeds greater than this.

The remote control located on the handlebar enables the precision control of the electrical assistance. There are 4 available modes: 0 W mode where you rely solely on your legs, two intermediate modes with respective power ratings of 125 W and 250 W, and finally, rocket mode, which can reach a maximum power of 400 W.