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Fizik M6 Uomo Donna


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The best shoes for MTB riding and racing –All mountain, XC, Enduro and trail

  • Weight: 305 g (size 38,5)
  • Materials: Reinforced Microtex
  • Nylon Mesh and Reflective PU
  • Outsole: Rubber Outsole / Carbon Reinforced Midsole
  • Closure system: Boa L5 Bridge/ Welded Microtex Straps
  • Insole: fiziks cycling insole


M6 Uomo is a mountain biking shoes is developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists and the best technologies.

M6 Uomo offers a superior blend of comfort and fit, power transfer, lightweight, and trail-tough resilience. It features a tough rubber outsole combined with a carbon-reinforced midsole.

Nylon midsole – giving stiffness for ultimate power transfer, superior grip and protection from the trail.

Cycling Insole’s sculpted footbeds and supportive heel to make sure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals.

Boa L5 Bridge closure system is complemented by a pair of tough Microtex Velcro straps.